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Mens Suits and Occasion Wear

There comes a point in every man's life where owning or wearing a suit is vital, whether its a one-off occasion like a loved ones wedding, or maybe their own wedding, or simply for the career job they have worked to get. Suits are the timeless wardrobe staple for every man and with so much importance and value invested in them it is important to get it right first time. A men's suit therefore needs to be an investment piece, a wardrobe essential that can be re-worked and worn in so many ways it is important to get it right first time. Although essentially a suit is made up of a jacket and pair of trouser made of matching material and colour this is where the basics end as there are so many ways in which your personality can be reflected through your suit. Some great tips to follow when choosing your first suit:

Colour- Try to recognise what colours suit you most, not what colour you think a suit should be. Some men think a traditional suit needs to be black and plain but with so many options now available on the market it is rare to see plain black suits on a man. Neutral colours like grey, navy and even brown are proving more popular among men, although colour must suit the occasion! A black suit does have its place at a funeral but would not be as appropriate at a summer wedding so consider the occasion before you choose your colour. Also consider your colouring when choosing a shirt. Blonde or fair-coloured men suit lighter colours like grey and charcoal, whereas darker feature suit navy and brown colourings. Choose a colour that suits your tones and think outside the box when choosing you first suit- they are a timeless piece for the wardrobe and a coloured suit does not go out of style.

Shirts- Although not the main part of a suit, the shirt is just as important to consider when dressing a suit. If you have chosen a patterned suit i.e. pin-stripes, then it is advisable to choose a plain, block-coloured shirt to accompany the suit as too many patterns can visually over-work a suit and ruin the effect. Shirts are the most versatile part of the suit as they can be worn with or without ties, open-collared or buttoned fully, depending on the impact of the suit and the occasion it is being worn at.

Accessories- Buying your first suit does not just end at the jacket and pair of trousers, accessories can then be added for ultimate impact and a great way to add personality to a suit. Cufflinks are often bought as gifts for men and are a great addition to any suit, adding dimension like a necklace adds to a ball gown. Ties are another great way to dress up a suit or add a quirky twist to a formal occasion and are often used as a great way to express personality and add colour to a suit. Ties work the other way too and a suit can still look equally as formal and smart without a tie, worn with the top button open adding a more relaxed element to a formal suit. Waistcoats and handkerchiefs are also popular add-ons for suits and are often matched at weddings to make the men's suit appear more of a uniform for the special day.

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Helpful hints For You To Select Mens Casual Shirts

A staple in every man's wardrobe is the simple casual shirt, relied on for those 'spontaneous pub outing' or family get-togethers to smarten up their trustworthy jeans. Less elegant compared to standard formal shirt but nonetheless sensible enough to wear a pair of jeans, casual shirts offer a replacement for the safe choice t-shirt when wearing casually, trying to keep the person comfortable however attractive. The answer to using the casual shirt is setting up what you're going to wear from it before dressing. Casual shirts often consist of hefty patterns and different cloth such as denim, cotton or even suede and so require a much more thought when coming up with a dress with them.

Stripes- Striped casual shirts are a hugely popular choice among men as they are not only slimming for the person wearing them, but they provide instant colour into a wardrobe that may be lacking in number. The guideline with stripes are: Never wear them with clothes with a similar pattern I.e striped trousers or shorts or a striped blazer. Stripes and checks don't often work either except if its a pinstripe as well as other coloured-check pattern, you need to stop making individuals feel light headed as you walk towards them! Bold stripes go perfectly with dark colours like navy, black or grey.

Knitware- Casual shirts go perfectly with big knitware and cardigans, dressing them off and creating a bold statement. A casual shirt joined with knitware will find the more trendy man through a shopping to a dinner date with each event in between, which makes them the perfect mix when wearing for the weekend. Teaming a casual shirt with a big knit also means the person can get the best from the shirt by putting on it all through the year, winter wardrobes is definitely a struggle for men. Even the short-sleeved casual shirts can be worn in the coolest months when joined with a knitted sweater or jumper. You'll find nothing better than just a casual shirt collar tucked outside a great knitted sweater

Fit- The casual shirt also comes in several kinds of fit and cut; from the lose long-sleeved shirt to the larger lumberjack shirt and short-sleeved button. Selecting the most appropriate fit is very important when it comes to the casual shirt as an ill-fitted shirt can ruin a whole outfit. A baggy casual shirt will make the individual wearing it look sloppy and untidy, losing the planned look. Even so a lumberjack type casual shirt is acceptable when used loosely, as it isn't intended to be donned as an intelligent option. Even though casual shirts are made to be the convenient option to formal shirts you can still get them designed to gauge, avoiding ill-fitted shirts which are too tight or short.

In terms of the more casual way of dressing there are still some guidelines that has to be adopted. Saying that the guidelines are significantly more 'casual' concerning dressing down a casual shirt, the majority of wardrobe fundamentals match an informal shirt, from experts to chinos and standard jeans. It is ultimately up to the person how casual or smart the shirt makes a dress and if these easy guidelines are followed the casual shirt will enhance your clothing!

There are many choices in what men should wear on different occasions, you must know where to get the best fit for you. For more details you can also visit this site.

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Things To Watch When Getting Mens Formal Shirts

Fashion for guys determines the principles of formal wear; he needs to focus on small points such as shirt studs, cuff-links, mismatching designs with ties and shirt collars. Of course this much idea is not always necessary for the daily wearing of a formal shirt, as it might be treated too much for the office and would be saved for a very special event. Contrary to the great option in statements of fashion for girls, men's clothing, especially formal menswear has constantly shown up very limiting and frequently didn't provide many options for men at all. Nevertheless it seems more and more high street merchants and tailors have grasped the significance of fashion among men plus the growing craze of following fashion by expanding their men's clothing area and providing more pick concerning formal wear.

The majority of office-workers are required to wear formal shirts throughout the working week, with a few people opting for a full suit, other individuals deciding to mix and match their formal shirts with skinny trousers and even more unusual outfits. Formal shirts are the key to pulling off a wise clothing be it for the office or casual wear, as they will form the basis for most of your attire. By decorating them with mismatching ties, clashing shoes, one of a kind cufflinks perhaps even waistcoats, formal shirts get to be the catalyst forthe entire dress. However avoid being hasty and throw away the jeans as of this time, make an effort to smarten up with a formal shirt, making a statement with your clothing instead of using the trusty, dull t-shirt and jeans style.

If you're new to the idea of wearing formal shirts or feel your clothing must be up to date and generally smartened up, try doing small and simple modifications when using a formal shirt. For example wearing a formal shirt tucked into a plain kind of black skinny jeans and completing the look with a pair of good shoes like brogues or Chelsea boots, provides you with bonuses in the style stakes and is not too brave a move for a guy who's wary in terms of getting dressed. If a person does nonetheless want to successfully destroy fashion rules, for instance contrasting his shirt and collar with a bold tie and blazer, then a formal shirt allows him to design a daring and imaginative attire from a base item.

Try buying a checked shirt with a few bright colors running through it and contrasting a skinny tie with it. Colours that clash well jointly are bright blue and green, pink and blue, don't be afraid to experiment with pink either as it truly suits most men's colors. Never stick to plain black pants either when putting on formal shirts for men, make use of colours such as blue, green and gray as they normally match each other and will make you stand out in the workplace, in a great way.

Ties and blazers are the natural item for the formal shirt, providing a lot more dimension to a dress and permitting men to once again experiment with their style preferences. By getting a statement blazer like a pinstripe pattern, you will instantly create a daring outfit choice and spice up a formal shirt. Then again you can dress down a formal shirt with a set of blue jeans and blazer- it's your decision!


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